The Proof is in the Pudding

Aw Shucks!

When we asked for testimonials, our clients surprised us.

Phone Guys

Steve and team were able to get us #1-#3 organic results in every major city in the U.S. using their unique approach to city pages. One of the few SEO companies (of many that I’ve used) that got real results that stuck over time.

Jack Rozint, Owner

Lucy has a gift in capturing the message behind the words. I reached out to her when I need marketing help with my new venture but did not have a concrete idea of where I was heading. Within a few conversations with her and her team, they put me on track. They will tune and fine tune to make it perfect for their clients. This really separates PLM from their competitors.

Alice Tang – National Speaker
Japanese Abacus Math School

PLM always gives me fresh ideas with amazing support to help walk through our new path. They revamped my website to look very professional, gave me a great video to share with my prospective clients. They’ve also developed ad campaigns on Facebook and mailing services. I highly recommend PLM to any business looking for professional marketing services with REAL results and CONFIDENCE.

Miwako Sensei, Owner
Law Offices of Mark McClure

Steve is entirely the subject matter expert in the SEO arena. Our rankings and ratings with Steve’s efforts have paid off and we are very happy with him and his team.

Mark McClure, Founder
Revivify My Life

The PLM team has been helping me build my brand from developing a strategy to executing it to include a website, SEO, blogs, videos, and etc. Lucy has been a tremendous help, especially with her energy. She has been a great partner and will be a strong asset for any business that needs her services. I strongly recommend Lucy and her expert team.

Binh Do, CEO & Owner
ATL Communications

My Dad always told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” well in choosing the right marketing firm was that black and white I would have got it right way sooner… my success came when I met Lucy and started working with the PLM team. No hidden agendas, her understanding of the end goal and how we got there was shared up front and she wore her heart on her sleeve.

Mark Bilton-Smith, President
Inflow Communications

Before PLM, we had been through a few outsourced marketing consultants with marginal to little success. We mostly lost money. Lucy’s mantra from the beginning is the absolute need to execute a marketing strategy that is measurable and makes us money.

And she’s delivered on that from the very beginning. We’ve implemented a new, world-class website, sophisticated marketing nurture campaigns, a nationally geo-based SEO presence, a robust social media campaign, and an amazing SEO-optimized knowledge base. As a result of marketing, our sales have increased from $0 when we started, to $3,720,000. That, and we’ve added over 300 new customers.

I highly recommend Lucy and her team. They are experts, operate with integrity, operate with a sense of urgency, and above all else, they deliver results!

Travis Dillard, President & CEO