Inflow Communications

Rebranding and Building a Marketing Engine

About Inflow Communications

Inflow is a global provider of unified communications, contact centers, and business phone systems. Their goal was to become the largest ShoreTel vendor in the nation.

The Challange

For two years, Inflow presented no growth. They were doing well because they are experts in their craft, but they weren’t able to grow sales. When we first started working with Inflow we found a disconnect between their brand and their vision. The second and most important aspect was that their website had no strategic flow or lead generators. There was a big missing opportunity.

Engine Blue Print

  • New brand identity
  • Massive Geo-targeted SEO campaign ranking the 35 largest cities in the US
  • Brand new website
  • Knowledge Base po01 ffrtal with hundreds of educational guides, articles, and videos
  • Great video to tell the Inflow story and the Inflow difference
  • Marketing assets for sales support: new Tradeshow backdrop, brochures, pocket folder, proposal look, new business cards.
  • Lead generation strategies on their website

“Before PLM, we had been through a few outsourced marketing consultants with marginal to little success. We mostly lost money. Lucy’s mantra from the beginning is the absolute need to execute a marketing strategy that is measurable and makes us money. And she’s delivered on that from the very beginning. We’ve implemented a new, world-class website, sophisticated marketing nurture campaigns, a nationally geo-based SEO presence, a robust social media campaign, and an amazing SEO optimized knowledgebase. Our sales, as a result of marketing, has increased from
$0 when we started, to $3,720,000 in 2017. That, and we’ve added over 300 new customers. “

Travis Dillard, President & CEO - Inflow Communications