The History of Modern-Day Fonts

Fonts have been around for as long as we’ve had printing presses, but the advent of desktop publishing brought changes to the world of fonts.

With the creation of PostScript Type 1, Adobe became the granddaddy of modern-day fonts. Apple’s TrueType came soon after, with Microsoft’s OpenType following.

Professional designers and printers are most apt to use Adobe software because its PostScript Type 1 has elements that allow the fonts not only to be displayed on a screen, but also to be properly printed.  

The rest of us, as we pursue digital publishing efforts, are more likely to use fonts from Apple (TrueType) or Microsoft (OpenType). When Apple developed TrueType, the company initially allowed Microsoft to use it. In the meantime, Microsoft worked with Adobe to create another font type. You guessed it. That one became the OpenType font standard.

Today, both are widely used and are applicable for all applications. The two font types are very easy to install and convenient to use.

I know you’re fascinated by this little bit of history, but the best news is that, nowadays, you don’t really need to know it to create great digital publishing. The internet offers multiple programs (such as Canva and Pic Monkey) that help marketers create beautiful deliverables from templates that choose the best fonts for you.



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